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"4 action " should change to visa policy
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Visa policy often appears, this gives compatriots to those preparation for, return some be unable to stand indeed. Delay oneself plan for guarantee against, might as well had done from a few following respects answer preparation:
Handle a piece of credit card
Following contact with of center of Wu of visa information word is to go to the United States " journey " the first pace. Electric telephone bill takes the kind that consumes after prepaid money, although 3 kinds pay cost to be able to offer an alternative: Credit card or borrow mark bank note of card, bank or postal remit money, believe a bank to buy check of phone of word Wu center from which, but choose credit card to pay cost way undoubted most convenient.
If passes bank draft or post-office remit money, because capital complete a business transaction needs proper time, the telephone just can be dialed after wanting remit money 10 days commonly, increased application time undoubtedly so. And choose the way that believes a bank to buy a phone to get stuck from which, the site that the bank believes to be in Shanghai in coming is not much, 2 will concern the detailed information that buys phone check to had be notted announce, also not be well-advised choice. If pass credit card to pay fee, need to be able to start credit card number the service in the input on the phone only, not only won't lose time, and the awkwardness that won't cause overpay telephone bill or telephone bill inadequacy.
Log onto the beautiful website that get a house in time
Current, policy of the visa that go to the United States is in the changing with photograph bigger contrast period, of a few specific policy fulfil had not fixed date, a lot of detail problems had be notted announce. To know up to date information in time, the person that application goes to beautiful visa should log onto the United States in time to be stationed in the website of Shanghai consulate general.
Visa data of preparation has been jumped over more more
To obtain the visa that go to the United States smoothly, prepares data has been jumped over in detail more, this is so called " with changeless should 10 thousand change " . A few material cannot be nodded stop namely, apply for to go to the F1 visa that the United States reads for example, the individual's resume must detailed, want special the research domain that spends some of writing him introduction, if have,wear, had better offer the photocopy that publishs a journal, even the material that attach introduces him adviser state of affairs also can prepare 碼 to obtain an autograph smoothly to add.
Use the visa on the net opportunely explain 請 watch
Treat the rate of visa material to rise, entry beauty gets the website of the house, can download the visa application form that contains a form code. Although got watch program electron to change, but submit form and do not undertake through the network, this made sure the information of applicant is safe on one hand, on the other hand, even if fills in make mistake, also can have come afresh, the system won't be saved automatic any information. This that is to say, the applicant can be revised through countless, print again till satisfaction hind come out. And, from rose on Feburary 9 originally, those use the person that downloads application form, had begun to enjoy the service that preferential processing applies for.
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