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American visa of 9 great tales:" Sign 2 autographs odds is similar "
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Rumor 9: The odds of 2 autographs and one autograph is about the same, what 2 autographs need is a very good appeal letter

"One lot does not pass, still have 2 lots! " this is each person is comforted to his almost. Because visa is in a requirement to be planted in 2 autographs,change visa official, in order to avoid the regulation of chronic adjudication. Can have in the 2nd visa and the program of examine and verify like first time visa and pass an opportunity. Although be in first time visa, what thing did not get ready, the 2nd times visa also has an opportunity to make up for. This is the rumor of a mortality, first time visa is the hour with one individual visa the greatest opportunity, if because do not have,take seriously, perhaps commit what mistake, cause refus lot, although change,be in the 2nd times in visa visa official, record or meeting reservation come down, visa official crosses first time completely impossibly to your examine and verify to think independently.

In other words, if you are simple much preparation only a few, and the change that does not have true essence, the 2nd visa won't be better than first time effect. But in the observation in us, the major 2 person that sign, think over without what make what profundity truly, only subjective think first time luck is too poor, and oneself prepare to do not have what flaw, do visa the 2nd times so then.

In statistical data, the machine with 2 successful autographs leads a category that is lowest, than 3 autographs, reach its the following percent of pass wants a lot of lower, the negligence that go up is preparing after major reason depends on one autograph be being signed by refus.

About the problem that 2 autographs change, let poll ache indeed, because very few person can be in,time of short a month produces what essence to change. But this also is not the problem that what cannot solve absolutely, real change originates your understanding, your review the further recognition with you, the key is the change that needs to let visa official understand you in you.

   The United States is stationed in China the Gavin Sundwall of senior visa official of consulate:
If say,when first time refus is signed visa official connects regular meeting to explain to the student why they can be signed by refus. If say student individual thinks he is in for the first time when did not decide oneself well or oneself idea expression gives visa the official, or when he thinks he himself applies for the 2nd times, the state can have a few new change, we welcome them to come again before visa; if he is in,come the 2nd times visa when, did not change with first time or do not have the word of big change, we suggest after the student considers carefully, redo decides, because such word result may spend a few money for nothing. Come the 2nd times in the student visa when, the visa official that can a blame follows his interview for the first time comes interview, this new visa officer also can see the record before him, according to the visa previously the record can ask him a few pertinent questions, have a look at him to there is the big change of a few materialities now.
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