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How to judge the difficult easy extent of each country visa?
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Go to abroad studying abroad, besides advice note of enter a school, passport, still need the visa with corresponding hold. The passport is hold person citizenship and identification, visa is sovereign state home allows foreign citizen is native perhaps the permissive proof that citizen discrepancy condition perhaps passes territory. Accordingly, visa is students whether set foot on smoothly study abroad last col before journey.

Constant regular meeting hears a lot of friends to ask such question: To which country (area) does visa do more easily? Why is the visa to some country so impracticable? Where is the difficult easy extent that how judges visa of application each country after all?

(Condition of 1) applicant oneself is advantageous person the person that compare general requirement is gotten easily

Condition of alleged applicant oneself is advantageous, basically be to point to condition of social class, economy, age, family and human relations in society, before be being caused more easily, go to country (area) of concerned respect take seriously, because this catchs a lot,lead tower above of more general and civilian common people a lot of.

(2) quality is high person lower than getting educational rate person is gotten easily

The competition of the international market is the talent's competition actually. Always professional knowledge is in Gao Shuiping, foreign language level and get used to ability to belong to classy, than get educational rate the low person that do not have special capacity again, obtain visa easily of course.

(Condition of 3) economy security is advantageous person the invitation that give out is gotten more easily than general security

Economic security condition is advantageous, it is the social class that points to security and economic position. Governmental official, well-known public figure gives out invite, make a person take seriously commonly, reliability is higher, the chance that the guest that more average public figure invites the guest that they invite gets visa is much.

(4) relative reunites to be gotten more easily than be not the relative's visa

General each countries set, want the person that with homeland citizen or permanent settler have lineal kin only, can pass the certificate data that normal procedure and legal laws and regulations approbate, and obtain visa.

(The country with the less than person much ground visa of rare country of 5) ground wide person is gotten easily

Ground wide person's rare country needs as a result of what expand economy and the investor with devoid abundant actual strength and personnel of many and professional technology, to change the devoid current situation of labour force and technical personnel, enacted very careful and meticulous plan measure, some still ensures his to attract the talent's need through corresponding legal clause.
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