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Take 6 kinds of cases that the United States signs easily by refus
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1. Economy aids financially: Economy is aided financially is the problem with apply for to go to beautiful visa the most serious. Whether offer enough, the economy with origin normal channel aids financially a proof is whether the key that takes visa. Because 1997 year aid financially the person that the problem is signed by refus to occupy 30% , but via origin of supplemental fund, clear funds channel hind applies for afresh, already got visa. The capital level that beautiful square place asks, rise to often change as prices, ask applicant to notice to understand, the person that ask to invite is in I  AP, 66 in have corresponding show.

2. Interview: Study abroad by Ministry of Education the visa application that the service center sends the United States diplomatic mission, visa official can be smoked according to the circumstance anthology
Fasten applicant to have speak to sb face to face, whether does the decision grant his visa according to the result of interview. If the answer of applicant cannot make visa official satisfactory, or colloquial expression is very poor, sign extremely easily by refus, 40% what the person that 1997 year are signed because of this reason refus occupies total refus to sign a number.

3. Invite date: This problem is mirrorred in I  AP commonly, in 66 watches, such watch begins date to already applied for a half moon of date more than, so this invites period already passed, still use this IAP, if 66 watches apply for, face the risk that is signed by refus with respect to meeting, need to make the other side heavy send I  AP at this moment, 66 watches or invitation letter, make clear new invitation date and deadline.

4. Visa files form: When a few applicants fill out a form insufficient discretion, appear a few mistakes, can cause refus lot. Be opposite especially whether to once go to the United States this one column, a lot of applicant once short-term go to the United States to make an on-the-spot investigation, cannot mirror when fill out a form, american diplomatic and consular missions is met with dishonest punish, reject to grant its visa.

5. Age marriage: Age is lighter, maiden person when applying for visa, the machine ratio of interview is relative taller, visa official thinks to be put easily in emigrant tendency normally, the examine and verify to them is so opposite for stricter. Because this kind of personnel is due corresponding psychology prepares.   

6. Refus signs experience: To once on business or the person that because illicit application goes to beautiful of all kinds visa to meet with too,refus is signed, with the country identity of public school of public school or unit applies for to go to the United States to visit scholastic visa, be signed easily also by refus commonly. When this kind of personnel is applying for afresh, must mirror according to the facts refus signs actual condition before. If hide a fact, by fish of American diplomatic and consular missions, consequence is very serious, do not grant visa not only, and it is great and difficult to still apply for to go to beautiful visa to cause after the meeting is right. Of course applicant whether obtain visa smoothly, still get the influence of a lot of objective elements, but if applicant can work by the ready-made before the requirement is applying for, general metropolis gets visa.
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