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Visa official interview records: Equal pay bars パ of large bamboo hat of glutin
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Correct understanding visa, meet visa official correctly, defeat a variety of dense fog of solution visa, it is the first pace of visa, also be the most important one step. Chinese visa person, do not be defeated to go up in the scratch line!

"Visa official is a flock of people that be surrounded by all sorts of rumor place and misunderstand " , visa, visa official, original not mysterious, they and each normal foreign enterprise personnel work euqally, the life, the characteristic that just works as a result of them is shown slightly distinctive, brought about a Chinese endless to theirs guess, plus all sorts of " sprinkler / killer " the another namer of and so on, and a few circulate cannot the visa official story of textual research, "Visa official " became almost " unreasonable, optional adjudication, without the principle " diabolical acting one's words, became a Chinese to head for the oldest public enemy of the United States.

"Visa experience " the directest approach that is research visa official, but, be opposite deep when us the understanding of visa official, we slowly discovered directer than visa experience, the more valuable place that understands visa official, this is a lot of people had contacted " visa official makes a speech publicly and the interview is recorded " , we say commonly record for visa official interview.

In us contrast analysed all interviews that nearly 3 years visa official undertakes publicly to record, we very uncannily discovery: The train of thought of visa official, the judges an issue means of visa official, the footing of visa official, it is in that way simple and bright, but, be these are simple and bright viewpoint, cannot break through a variety of rumors about visa however, a lot of effort that visa official refutes a rumor, also be regarded as by most person " the great truth that always tells a few no use " . However, understand these deep simple and the premise of bright fact, be " broken solution all sorts of rumors to visa official " , did not surround the broken solution of the rumor of visa official to these, you will explain the substance of visa without legal principle forever.

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