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By the applicant notice that refus signs
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Our visa official knows the existence of this differentia different. In interview when, the profession that visa official uses the method that handles respectively to study an applicant, society, culture and other element. If cannot build these sanction as a result of young applicant, situation of the precise intent that visa official is about to examine them to go to the United States, family reachs his to plan to mix in long-term development of home foreground. All visa apply for basis law, by alone processing.

Is autograph of 214(b) clause refus permanent?

Either. If applicant of a visa can show the further evidence that has conviction,will prove he is in the United States the word of the sanction beyond, visa official will reconsider this application. Your friend, kin or student should be contacted with diplomatic mission or consulate, know the procedures that applies afresh. Very regretful is, unless,have applicant of a few visa its individual, profession and economic atmosphere had very marked change, no matter apply for afresh how many times,also do not accord with the condition that is not immigrant visa otherwise.

How do I help?

You can provide invitation letter or support a letter. But, this can not make sure your foreign friend relative or student can get visa. Visa applicant must accord with the requirement of visa according to its individual circumstance and not be to be based on what its United States sponsors security to assure.

If an acquaintance is based on 214(b) because the clause is abroad living evidence is not worth and be signed by refus, what can you do?

Want to urge your relative above all, friend or student young examine his case finely afresh, evaluate their sanction realistically. You can suggest they write down them to think what they have on paper but the eligible sanction that was not evaluated by visa official in interview process. If they were signed by refus, they should review themselves to offer what document to visa official. The visa applicant that is based on 214(b) clause to be signed by refus can offer application afresh. What sanction must show when applying for afresh is farther prove or had what kind of change with the case that applies for to compare them last time. Before applying for afresh, consider following issues please: (Well and truly did I show 1) my circumstance? (2) visa official whether oversight what thing? (Do I still have 3) can be other data offerred will prove my overseas has the sanction that lodge and builds my overseas?

214(b) , : (1) ? (2) ? (3) ?

Your acquaintance should remember: The application fee that こ of Mi Jue ┲ basks in every time of? of τ imperial order is not removed.

Who can affect visa official to make its reverse a decision?

Overseas of official of visa of accredit of American immigration laws signs and issue visa and have final jurisdiction. According to the regulation, american the State Council has authority to examine the decision of consular official, but than rising with factual decision this kind of influence is restricted only at the explanation to law. In refus autograph, the abroad dwelling place that whether applicant of a visa has legal place to ask is factual sex. Accordingly, whether to issue visa to depend on completely the decision of abroad and consular official. Before the sanction that visa applicant can prove its are firm through offerring new convincing document only is changed then one refus is signed.
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