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By the applicant notice that refus signs
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Why to get visa wants to there is a demand?
The United States is an open society. The United States does not resemble other country to try to control in that way to the tourist in its home, force tourist to be registered in local government for instance. Travel in the United States to let a foreigner be without burden ground, the foreigner is responsible in obtain travel or study abroad him proof before visa can leave the United States to go back to the motherland. Official of visa of requirement of American immigration laws rates every applicant have emigrant intention, unless the applicant can prove him,do not have this purpose.

What is 214(b) clause?

214(b) clause is " American immigrant and citizenship law " one part, it sets:

214(b) , : ! ! ! ! ?

Want to accord with the condition that is not immigrant visa, visa applicant must be satisfied respectively " American immigrant and citizenship law " in the 101st (A) money (15)(B) or (the requirement of F) money, otherwise, will by the basis 214 (autograph of B) money refus. Cause this kind of refus to sign most normally the consideration is a requirement it is an applicant should be outside American condition have the dwelling place that does not want to abandon. The applicant can be through showing his outside American condition the presence that the sanction that after going to American weak point to suspend staying, must go back to the motherland will prove this abode. According to American law, every applicant must make a proof.

The job of visa official is not easy. They must decide inside very short time whether applicant of a visa is qualified get visa of a short-term. In brief interview and check and approve after the proves firm sanction evidence that visa applicant provides, major application can have a result.

What is firm “ sanction ” ?

Firm “ sanction ” because of country, city and individual circumstance different and different. “ sanction ” is to point to force you to be in the motherland or all sorts of relations that live somewhere, be like: Your belongings, profession, society and family concern. The individual's job and income, residence or apartment, car, close family member reachs bank deposit to wait to be included.

Regard American citizen as lawful perhaps permanent resident, imagine the sanction that you oneself are in the United States. Whether can consular orgnaization of the foreign country think you do not plan to abandon living in the United States? If you have your job, family, have oneself or it is to rent the house apartment that come, the case that perhaps has other makes you must return the United States after completing abroad trip, the answer of this problem is probable it is “ yes ” . The circumstance of everybody is different.
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