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Passenger luggage tips
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The advent of spring, air transport busy airports, passengers in the airplane, the provisions of baggage to have a more clear understanding, I believe that the next trip can help you save valuable time, easy to deal with different types of luggage carrying problems. Here are some of the hope that China Southern small knowledge, tips to help you calm and relaxed to enjoy the "air of the home" services: First, not as checked baggage items Important documents and information, securities, currency, money orders, jewelry, precious metals and their products, silver products, valuables, antiques and paintings, fragile or easily damaged items, perishable items, samples, travel documents and other items may need to hand care into the folder as checked baggage or checked baggage, but as self baggage or carry-on items into the cabin for free transport. Second, the restrictions on the transport of goods The following items only in accordance with conditions of air transport, and agreed to by the airlines, transportation may be accepted: 1, precision instruments, electrical and other types of items should be checked as cargo, such as by checked baggage, there must be properly packaged, and the weight of such items shall not be calculated within the free baggage allowance. 2, sporting equipment, including sporting firearms and ammunition 3, dry ice, alcoholic beverages, traveling visitors need smoking, drugs or cosmetics. 4, the control of a weapon other than knives, blunt objects, such as kitchen knives, knife, fruit knife, craft knife, scalpel, scissors and steel filing, Tiezhui, axes, bats, hammers, etc., should be placed in checked baggage transport. 5, passengers traveling with wheelchairs or folding electric wheelchair. Third, luggage packing and size, weight limits 1, checked baggage must be packed perfect, lock intact, tightly and can withstand a certain pressure to normal operating conditions in the safe handling and transport, and should meet the following conditions: 2, suitcases, travel bags and handbags, etc. must be locked; 3, two or more packages, not tied to one; 4, the luggage can not be attached to plug other items; 5, bamboo baskets, string bag, straw, straw bags and other packaging material not be used as luggage; 6, the weight of each piece of checked baggage can not exceed 50 kg, the volume can not exceed 40 × 60 × 100 cm. Over the provisions of the baggage, subject to prior approval of the consent Southern checked. 7, each passenger must carry a self baggage, the weight can not exceed 10 km Kg, the volume does not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm, and can be placed inside a closed rack. 8, each passenger free of charge to carry the weight of 5 kg is limited. Passengers holding first class tickets, each person can carry two items; business class or economy class ticket holding passengers, each person can only carry one item. Each the size of carry-on items must not exceed 20 × 40 × 55 cm. More than the weight, number or volume limit carry-on items should be transported as checked baggage. 9, each passenger's free baggage allowance (including checked and unchecked baggage): to hold a first class ticket for adults or children 40 kg passengers, business class passengers is 30 kg, 20 kg for economy class passengers. Passengers holding tickets baby, is 10 kg free baggage allowance. 10, take the same flight to the same destination, the two (or more) peers Passengers, such as at the same time, same place procedures for handling baggage, the free baggage allowance for passengers in accordance with their standard fare levels combined. 11, constitutes the domestic leg of international transport, each passenger's free baggage allowance at the applicable free baggage allowance for international flights calculated routes in North America (U.S. and Canada) are two pieces of luggage, each not exceed 23 kg, and the three sides and not more than 158 cm. 12, excess baggage rate per kilogram of excess baggage ticket by the date of issuance of the applicable economy class fare of 1.5% to RMB yuan as a unit, the mantissa rounding. (Correspondent Zeng, Deng group) Information about pet air transport Pets nowadays has become a compelling fashion. Whether young MM, fashion and middle-aged or female, are to have a cute or unique pet pride, a lot of lonely old people are the empty nest as a beloved pet. Sky Box Office often receive pet transportation consulting. China Southern Airlines can accept is the transport of domestic animals domesticated dogs, cats, birds or other pets and appreciation. Weird wild animals and have the physical characteristics or easy to wounding and other animals such as snakes, small animals do not belong to the range. Transport of small animals according to the following provisions: (A) made to purchase tickets, but also to provide proof of vaccination of animals and quarantine certificate, the airline had agreed to be checked: 1, the animal quarantine certificate is not the city limits, "Qujiyishang animal epidemic prevention agencies" out of the animal quarantine proved to be. 2, the animals after injection to monitor where the animals will open an "animal immunity certificate" for you, with the same immunization card for the quarantine certificate, the certificate name is "out of county animal quarantine certification," the two were linked, effective time is 7 days, to complete the formalities to the airport is only when these two prove that the value of machine income "out of county animal quarantine certification," one of the United retained. Visitors took the opportunity to date must be within the validity of animal quarantine certificate. (B) take advantage of the day, the time specified by the carrier to the airport for the animals in their own luggage. (C) a container loaded animals (which can be purchased at pet shops) must meet the following requirements: 1. To prevent animal damage, and escape out of the container and the baggage or cargo other than the injury. 2. To ensure that air circulation, do not suffocate the animals. 3. To prevent fecal leakage, to prevent pollution of aircraft and aircraft equipment and other items. (D) In addition to airlines licensed to carry animals, but all can not be placed in the cabin. Animals and the weight of the container according to the standard excess baggage fees: full fare x (1.5%) x total weight. (E) Airline ticket to the attention of: aerobic randomly checked the model can accept small animals, such as oxygen-free models do not accept consignments ERJ small animals, each passenger is allowed with two small animals, but animals loaded The container must be separated. (F) after the passenger boarding pass after finishing the island after the large C counter to check in baggage. (Correspondent MIXED) Warm Tips: Passengers can call the specific circumstances of the first 95539 detailed consultation, and then apply for tickets to the China Southern Airlines ticketing offices and other procedures.

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