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Seventeen hot air away
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In mid-December has been entered, many people began to plan the New Year trip home. Can contact the travel platform data show that recent users of mid to late next year, a significant increase in the amount of the ticket inquiries, broad based, popular prices in Hefei city to fly to 9 fold. With the purchase volume growth, up and down at the end of Taobao, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hefei and other popular cities to fly is also broad based, minimum discount flights to more than 9 fold, Ctrip and other sites are basically for the full price ticket. Taobao person in charge of travel platform, popular fly Hefei city has quickly stand on the price of high fly to Beijing, Hefei, for example, played from January 25 February 1, Taobao should be on the lowest fare 890 yuan discount above all in the 9 fold. Taobao person in charge of travel platform, in January next year, the basic price of domestic air tickets showing an upward trend ladder, and after a 10 ticket prices began to rise, January 23 is also a higher node, 23 back, basically at the high ticket prices operation, and gradually reach 28 price peak. However, at present to the north, southwest of the fare is relatively cheap. Industry insiders, is currently Taobao platform more than 300 tickets ticket agents, consumers purchase a ticket on the platform need to worry about security issues.

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