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Bo appreciation for the leadership of women falsely claimed can buy discount
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Guo Pro has acted in a skit, "something you say," Guo Pro, played by an employee to allow unit leaders and colleagues for their impressive, obviously the train station where no acquaintances, chosen to brag that have the money to buy tickets. Result, his suffering, suffers with queuing all night to help people buy tickets. This is funny piece, the audience in laughter understand the truth in life. Yantai staged the scene in "real" version of "something to talk to you", the outcome may not be so easy: the urban area, a female employee of a club, to win the appreciation of unit leadership, conceited that they can buy a 4 fold, 3.5 fold or even a ticket. "Discount" tickets bought, the difference between that part of the money inside her own take, it was not owed more than 30 million airline ticket fare unable to pay. In desperation, she began to get money blocking "hole" ... ... Reporter learned yesterday from ZHIFU's Procuratorate, the female workers on suspicion of fraud by the prosecution. Appreciated the leadership in order to get Boasted that he can buy discounted tickets 27-year-old Liu Hua (a pseudonym) is ZHIFU, where he had worked as temporary workers in Yantai, a local airline. In 2006, she went to a club in the urban areas of work. In 2007, Liu Hua staff to the field where the clubs and organizations to participate in competition, the manager learned that she had worked in the airline to ask her to help buy air tickets. At that time, she bought a discount air tickets. From that later, managers often find her buy air tickets. At first, Liu Hua from the discount airline ticket buy tickets, she truthfully reported. Later, the manager, looking for her growing number of buy air tickets, and her psychology began to change, there is a sense of satisfaction to be appreciated by the leadership. To the end of 2008, to satisfy their own vanity, and to get the appreciation and promotion manager, Liu Hua with the manager boasted that his friends at the airport, you can buy air tickets for the discount card, buy tickets at reduced prices. Each time she received airline tickets too cumbersome to tell managers "once kept 2 million advance tickets, can buy tickets after a 4 fold." Managers can play a 4 fold, it is readily gave her 20,000 yuan. 2 million of the "advances" and soon run out. After the manager and continued existence of 2 million. In fact, Liu Hua buy tickets each to help managers better than 4-fold higher prices. She thought, since the "leather" has been blown out, not good an end. Had to bite the bullet on the price by 4 fold to help managers buy air tickets, not enough to pay some of her own mat. Liu Hua pad buy "discount" ticket thing, managers have been unaware that she has the ability to buy only a very low discount airline tickets. Thus, buying the things needed for each encounter, the manager to find Liu Hua. Needless to say, the manager let her buy a ticket number, the more she take the money into the more. To June last year, Liu Hua for the manager to buy "discount" ticket ride into the money has reached 7 million. Liu Hua is just an ordinary employee, the monthly salary is limited, not so much money to help managers advance, how do? She looked for all kinds of reasons, the first ticket of the aviation owes. She bought a discount ticket to find more and more people More than 30 million even take into Seeing the day Jinsi day air ticket reminders, Liu Hua do nothing, go and get it where 7 million to plug the big "hole" mean? If not the money, certainly will not be selling tickets after the ticket to her. If she did not "competent" for the manager to buy "discount" ticket, and managers will also appreciate her? "No, I have to think of a way to have the big 'hole' plug." Liu Hua After much deliberation, finally thought of a "coup." She told the manager said: "If the ticket discount card upgrade to 'Extreme card', and then buy air tickets can hit 3.5 fold. However, the upgrade pre- existing condition that the card must be 100,000 yuan." Manager of a future buy air tickets 3.5-fold can play immediately without thinking gave her 14 million. With this money, Liu Hua quickly due to air before the first repayment of the 7 million from ticket the fare. Blocked the front of this big "hole", air ticket and continue to sell tickets to her. And Liu Hua, to continue with the remaining money to buy air tickets to the manager, but you can only buy the ticket price is based on 3.5-fold with the manager of reimbursement. This means that each buy a ticket for the manager, her inside take the money than take time off before playing four more! Liu Hua discount ticket can play lower, the manager let her buy the ticket the more. Just three or four months time, she owed more than ten million airline tickets box office. The face of air ticket once a Jinsi reminder, Liu Hua is unable to repay, desperation, she thought of cheating unit colleagues. So, she took the initiative with his colleagues claim that their discount card can apply for tickets, buy air tickets can be a 4 fold. Liu Hua help managers buy discounted tickets often do, my colleagues know, so no one suspected her. Soon, his colleagues gave her 12 million advance, to help run her discount card. Colleagues took the money, Liu Hua is also the ticket office of the arrears. 4, Liu Hua can buy that off the air, more and more people began to come to her for help. Liu Hua come on the surface is a "warm-hearted", responsive; can be private, she was hurt. Later, she has accumulated more than 30 million owed to the ticket office up to the ticket, no longer able to pay. Liu Hua can only continue with the "shattering" approach, to find the next to temporarily put a "hole" of the people. Late last year, the manager himself, a friend just introduced to Liu Hua, said that ticket to do discount cards from people at the Liu Hua so he lied to 150,000 yuan, to plug the outlets of the "hole." Liu Hua is not on the arrears due, air ticket is no longer selling tickets to her. Buy tickets, that before the "advance" the people have begun looking for her afterwards. "Paper is not hold fire" and not set back less than a ticket and took the money, Liu Hua manager had to confess his own doing. Later, see the debt they have to find more and more people turn off the phone altogether Liu Hua, hid in her mother's home in Dalian. Prosecuted according to law for alleged fraud Late last year, Liu Hua quietly returned to his home in Yantai. Unexpectedly, the police come the next day took her away. She soon suspected fraud case handed over to prosecution according to law ZHIFU's Procuratorate, the hospital conducted its examination of the prosecutor. Q: "Do you have the ability to buy discounted airline tickets?" A: "No, airline tickets discount airlines are required, I can not afford to buy a lower discount airline tickets." Q: "What you say whether there is a ticket discount card?" A: "does not exist, then I order for them to give me money, their own series of lies." Q: "Since you can not afford to buy a low discount airline tickets, why go through a discount ticket for someone else?" A: "I started looking to buy a unit manager, air tickets, I was looking for vanity, but also to make managers think that I have the ability, after the unit has a good development, I set out to help her plane ticket, did not expect to find after I am more and more people, I have been blown out of bragging, and retrieved it, and owe more money to the airlines, only to find others to join in, get money but also the airlines money, so I owe more. "

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