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To facilitate the smooth return of the villagers in Northeast New Year with your family, Shandong Yantai International Airport in February 9-11 (twenty-six to twenty-eight the twelfth lunar month lunar calendar) each day a group of Yantai - Jiamusi flights and special offers 800 per ticket, limited number of passengers in a timely manner, please buy the majority. The flights used by China Eastern Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft. Yantai take-off time is 17:15, flight time 2 hours and 30 minutes, arrived at Jiamusi Airport 19:45; night by the Jiamusi Airport 20:30, 23:00 return to Yantai, Lai Shan International Airport. Please contact the airline ticket, ticketing call 6299999.

Also during the Spring Festival, Yantai Airport Air International Travel for Spring Festival tourism market opened Yantai - Haikou charter, schedule for the February 14th (the first), 15 (two days), 18 (fifth day), 19 (sixth day). Advantage of this rare New Year holidays, friends and family gathered in the beautiful and romantic "international tourist island", to enjoy the southern Different customs, different to spend a New Year.

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