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What the civil aviation bureau gives list of unit of civilization of countrywide
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According to leading Party group of civil aviation bureau " the announcement that concerns an issue about choosing civilized unit " , declare in each unit, recommend a foundation to go up, leading Party group of classics civil aviation bureau is authorized, plan to award a civil aviation bureau to carry department to wait for name of unit of civilization of civil aviaton of 49 units whole nation. Grant now fair show, fair show period a week. If have an opinion, ask feedback to reach office of council of guidance of cultural and ideological progress of civil aviation bureau.

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Add: Plan to award civilization of countrywide civil aviaton unit list

Civilization of civil aviation bureau does

2 OO8 year on August 20

Plan to award

Grant list of unit of civilization of countrywide civil aviaton

Carriage department of civil aviation bureau, civil aviaton Beijing is superintended do, civil aviaton Guangdong is superintended do, how does boat run management board of Xinjiang of bureau of area of civil aviaton Tibet, civil aviaton, civil aviaton Jilin is superintended do, civil aviaton Gansu Province is superintended do, total fleet of flight of Inc. of Inc. of aviation of bureau of canal of sky of civil aviaton southwest, China International, China International aviation,

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