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Group of Chinese aviation industry will in August before the bottom hang out his
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  New capital signs up forDispatch (Ling of reporter Li Mei) yesterday, the reporter learns from one ship side, quality of resource of manpower of headquarters of group of one boat of Chinese, 2 boat evaluates comprehensive written examination to had been in two groups headquarters undertakes at the same time, this is indicating the resource of labor power of company of group of Chinese aviation industry that is about to rectify synthesis to stand is integrated and formal begin.

Group company preparatory group decides pair of career departments that are about to establish and post of subsidiary part vice-president are faced global have invite applications for a job. According to divulging, group of Chinese aviation industry will in August before the bottom hang out his shingle formally hold water, this means two big groups to make an appointment with 160 billion asset to will undertake conformity. According to introducing, administrator and market member workpoint did not attend undersecretary level of this group company to evaluate written examination, with choose right talented person works to hillock.

Nevertheless, one ship side did not disclose this integrated specific plan, but express to recombine will according to " hold water specialization company, outstanding advocate industry competition ability " the principle undertakes. Current, the administer below group of two big aviation 17

Domestic A appear on the market company and 3 H appear on the market company.

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