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Group of Director Li Jiaxiang goes to northwest civil aviaton to begin inspect s
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Came 16 days on August 14, bureau of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) the department bureau leader such as department of general office of civil aviation bureau of rate of Director Li Jiaxiang, program, person teaching department, comfortable boat department, undertook inspecting survey to unit of part of northwest civil aviaton. Group of Director Li Jiaxiang is in 2 days short in time, the countryman in was being listened to uses management board of aviation northwest district (abbreviation " northwest management board " ) , management board of the traffic in sky of area of northwest of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " bureau of northwest sky canal " ) , western Inc. of Oriental aviation of airport group company, China (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) the working report of the unit such as northwest branch, main leader undertook bureau of as empty as cadre of member of team of northwest management board, middle-level and northwest canal wide-ranging have an informal discussion, management board of understanding control northwest and northwest sky provide the main job case of the bureau. Group of Director Li Jiaxiang still inspected Hainan aviation Inc. on the spot (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Hai Hang " ) Chang'an company use accuses center, Shaanxi to superintend do, Xian Yang International Airport of base of machine Wu maintenance, Xi'an installs branch of Dong Hang northwest the unit such as check station.

15 days afternoon, in northwest canal

The summary comment and appraise that crew and cadre of above of place of bureau of northwest sky canal attend manage bureau is met on, director Li Jiaxiang affirmed the job of leading group of northwest management board adequately, he points out: It is a leading group working thinking is new. 2 it is the leading group tells solidarity. 3 was to highlight safety to superintend. 4 it is to hold development closely this theme. 5 it is office work atmosphere has new weather.

In the meantime, director Li Jiaxiang is right northwest management board next the job raises a requirement: It is to want to strengthen leading group construction further. Want to master scientific thinking way and thoughtway, renew an idea further; Want to strengthen major and professional knowledge study further; Should continue to do well solidarity; Want to improve way further, thorough basic level, thorough a gleam of, accomplish clear clean-fingered. 2 it is to want to take cadre team seriously to build highly, accord with pragmatic working thinking certainly. Want to strengthen the guiding of orientaton of ideas of pair of cadre team idea, value and education; Want education good, use good person just, strengthen the pass on experience of pair of young cadres, had built backbone team; Want strict requirement, manage strictly, continue to had begun cadre communication; Want to do good service to guarantee the job. 3 it is to should continue to make great efforts catch good safety to superintend, promote safety administration the concept. Should firm establish continuously safe view, systematic safety view and process safety view, new safety management concept and northwest civil aviaton join actually rise. 4 it is to want to explore safety actively to superintend, the rule in the job such as politics of construction of market control, team, thought, raise scientific sex of the job, implement the change that manages to science by management by experience truly, realize northwest civil aviaton good rapid development.
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