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Pan Jiwen states to victim of Spanish aviation accident deep feeling of grief is
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In new network U.N. on August 22 report: The victim in the two bomb assault that U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen parts 21 days to save made of baked clay He Zhenfa to be born to general of the block other Pakistan and Spanish Madrid aviation accident expresses to mourn.

According to U.N. website report, the assault of bomb of two suicide type that Pakistan covers with tiles hertz presses down 21 day happening happens in an armory doorway, be worth a worker to join class period of time at that time, explosion causes many worker casualty.

In a statement that Pan Jiwen publishs in 21 days, kill innocent terroristic act to give to this kind of excessive strong condemnation.

Secretary-general of Pan radical article still sends letter Spain prime minister 21 days Sapateluo, with respect to Spain the plane of an airline develops a runway 20 days when Madrid airport takes off and on fire, bring about 150 much people to die state deep feeling of grief grieves over.

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