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Charter flight Shenzhen goes there and back Taiwan businessman of the dot that s
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Yellow advisability of chairman of association of Shenzhen Taiwan businessman expresses, name a person for a particular job of charter flight boat increases two sides on the weekend Shenzhen, between two sides of convenient Taiwan businessman going there and back.

Huang Mingzhi points out, taiwan businessman association already sent questionnaire to understand the requirement that the Taiwan businessman orders to airliner, boat to the member, the hope is besides the boat dot of active Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, increase Shenzhen again one ground.

He points out, bead trigonometry Taiwan businessman is numerous, but two sides carries out now on the weekend charter flight, open one land of Guangzhou only in Guangdong area, no-go to Shenzhen or in the Taiwan businessman of Dongguan and other places character. His citing, to Guangzhou white cloud from Shenzhen the International Airport wants two many hours, if walk along Shenzhen to Hong Kong, or go to Hong Kong from tiger door, spends time is not met over to Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport. Below this kind of case, a lot of Taiwan businessmen still maintain the course pattern that answers Taiwan so, course of Taiwan of hope Shenzhen non-stop flight to debuts as early as possible, let bead trigonometry Taiwan businessman makes full use of the advantage of straight boat.

The Taiwan businessman that also the workshop is set in Dongguan points out, to photograph of Guangzhou car Cheng

When take time, if new line and walk along a law so to do not have too big difference, still can take original general kind. The course that the Taiwan businessman hopes Shenzhen reachs loose hill airport debuts at an early date, reduce the time of two sides going there and back considerably truly, between two sides of convenient also Taiwan businessman going there and back.

According to pointing out, boat of charter flight of straight boat of the 2nd two sides is nodded, will include: And other places of Chongqing, Hangzhou, Dalian, Shenzhen. Current, bead area Taiwan businessman strives for trigonometry actively to open the straight boat between Shenzhen and Taiwan at an early date.

When does the course between Shenzhen and Taiwan debut to still cannot know, but, shenzhen Baoan International Airport is active and comprehensive launch each development, the hope ascended 2010 body whole world airport of 30 big freight. Before 2015 transition makes the airport that gives priority to body professional work with freight. The package with the biggest whole world sends company UPS carries Asian boat idling the center goes to Shenzhen from Philippine move, investment build of 180 million dollar is built each, the center of have a change of luck that promotes Shenzhen to become an Asia, content sheds a center, show the progress that values Shenzhen.

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