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Course of study of airline ticket representative is faced with shuffle adumbrati
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One paper " announcement " will make insular city comparatives small agent of one part airline ticket goes out bureau.

The countryman in the basis uses aviation bureau (abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) allot " the announcement that carries sale agent poundage to run way about changing domestic aviation " , begin from October 1, the airline ticket of 3% secures the airline ticket sale agent that continued 21 years commission policy will cancel formally. Those who replace is, airline will negotiate the commission scale that airline ticket sells with proper motion of airline ticket sale agent. This also is meant, the poundage of market of airline ticket sale agent implements governmental guidance price no longer, however the market puts channel in the round.

Of the incidence as a result of new policy wide, this " announcement " be called by industry " acting storm " . To this, a lot of airline ticket agents analyse Qingdao think, of airline ticket commission unlock in the round, in will giving, sale agent of little airline ticket brings new pressure. Already from course of study Mr Zhangyu says agent of 7 years anxiously: "This stipulates the airline ticket of bang Qingdao the representative is ordered, may have an in part

in small representative dot is shuffled accordingly. in small representative dot is shuffled accordingly..

Wash out small agent

The reporter understands in interview, representative of each airline ticket already all learned Qingdao this announcement. Still adopting the wait-and-see, attitude that await for the most part among them. Miss Wang says airline ticket agent of the part-time job: "No matter the ticket generation previously is done well, have the middleman's fee of 3% at least. " fall in active regulation, the disbursement of poundage of sale agent of domestic line airline ticket the standard is 3% , hypothesis airline ticket is par the price is 1500 yuan, airline ticket sale agent has 45 yuan representative cost. But in actual unit process of cargo bandling, what many airline execute is (3 X) the standard of % , among them X is value of a float, depend on the element such as weak peak period of course characteristic, market. "Such, sell a piece of airline ticket earn not merely 45 yuan! Sell a piece of airline ticket earn not merely 45 yuan!!

To new policy, insular city the business manager Ruan Ming of company of a small representative times feeling angst: "Because airline masters resource, because this holds dominant position in the negotiation, come so little airline ticket is procuratorial will the first round of concussion that is adjusted. " to small representative enterprise character, after implementing new policy, the sale agent company with small dimensions did not have the basic representative cost of 3% , lack the advantage that negotiates with airline again, probable by airline depress commission, face the crisis thereby. "Airline ticket representative is done harder and harder necessarily. " this iron rice bowl-a secure job was broken now, miss Wang tells a reporter, she has planned to abandon airline ticket acting as agent this part-time job works.
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