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Chinese civil aviaton ensures Olympic Games aviation to carry safety to move in
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Report summed up xinhua net Beijing on August 20, 2008: Olympic Games of Chinese civil aviaton guarantees the job, below the unified lead that runs command center in the Olympic Games, realized integral linkage, efficient movement, ensure security of job of Olympic Games safeguard undertakes in order.

The Olympic Games ensures Chu Zhanjie

Chinese civil aviaton shares 6 experience abstruse airport, 3 advocate fall 3 the airport, equipment fall the airport, up to on August 20, beijing capital International Airport already guaranteed flight number of more than 2 1000 sortie, abstruse personnel exceeds safeguard experience 40 thousand person-time.

Tianjin seaside International Airport holds concurrently advocate fall and fall fully the double task of safeguard, already finished fire of Olympic Games emperor to run group and holy fire to deliver Hong Kong of Wu Baixiong of chairman of charter flight, Kuomintang, predecessor special head Dong Jianhua leaves harbor and Olympic Games delegate to balance the safeguard job that leave all right, abstruse personnel exceeds safeguard experience 7 100


The airport of Inner Mongolia reachs experience for chairman of international taekwondo union abstruse personnel provided relevant service; Airport of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty serves as an Olympic Games advocate fall the airport is 160 above experience abstruse personnel provided a service. Still have fall as equipment the Taiyuan of the airport and Shijiazhuang airport, it is experience at any time abstruse equipment falls the airliner provides service safeguard.

Unified command is coordinated again

For the orderly, efficient Olympic Games that finish safeguard works, moving group of capital airport place is in early on July 1 translation runs command center for the airport, abstruse meeting aviation carries Olympic Games of comprehensive and harmonious direct, incomplete safeguard works, olympic Games of Chinese civil aviaton ensures the level when also entering contest.

The countryman uses management board of district of aviation China north in (abbreviation " management board of north of civil aviaton China " ) director Huang Dengke says, center of airport moving command accuses through information canal, spot canal accuses and harmonious safeguard runs an orgnaization 3 times, integrated unit of place group, safeguard and be stationed in an unit full responsibility, formed the moving command system with unified command, authority definite duty, perfect early or late, started wait for relevant section contact to coordinate a mechanism with unit of check of bureau of civil aviation of BOCOG, China, couplet; Canal of aviation of the army and the people ensures a mechanism in coordination; With the experience outside Beijing abstruse airport linkage ensures a mechanism.
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