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Mark branch of Na Hang Xinjiang Zhu Jiang of worker of outstanding party work 23
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This net dispatch (reporter: Billows ㄆ ? Comrade Zhu Jiang currently holds the post ofdepartment of flight of branch of Xinjiang of Na Hang share 2 groups secretary of 4 squadron Party branch. Needed as a result of the job 2006, superior flies former ATR model the 4 squadron of a 2 groups two squadron of 5 squadron are amalgamative for a squadron, call flight department 2 groups 4 squadron, namely the ATR military unit corresponding to a company that people says normally (squadron of ATR of the following abbreviation) . Comrade Zhu Jiang grows by former military unit corresponding to a company change secretary of behavior Party branch. Come two years, comrade Zhu Jiang is mixed with high sense of responsibility intense enterprise, in the cautious and conscientious on party work job, scrupulously and respectfully use up post, plod, finished ranking leading Party group outstandingly to knit each task that give, built the job and safe production to make positive contribution for squadron party. Because be versed in work achievement is highlighted, was judged 2 years to be continuously 2007 at was being mixed 2006

The ministry is outstanding party work job is honorary; ATR squadron also is judged to be the honor such as advanced collective and advanced Party branch.

Study is consummate the level of management that improves party work to work

Comrade Zhu Jiang held the position of Party branch secretary to rise in May from 6 years, part transition was completed inside shorter time. The study that he pays attention to party theory knowledge very and newer, use the opportunity that off hours and post exercise, strengthen Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought ceaselessly especially Deng Xiaoping theory and " 3 delegates " the study of serious thought; Comprehend seventeen great mind deeply, study party work knowledge assiduously, be good at having an insight into new condition, have quality of better politics, business and policy level. In job of two years, he was read seriously " Marxism-Lininism is basic problem " " Mao Zedong Thought is basic problem " " learn compendium 3 times on behalf of serious thought " " seventeen big report coachs 100 ask " " chrestomathy of enterprise communist brachylogy " " maintain a communist advanced sex teachs chrestomathy " " manual of development Party member " with " Chinese Communist.

Pass study, he increased academic knowledge level and administrative capacity, as him of ATR squadron squad leader, ask strictly everywhere oneself, at every turn becomes the leader of good everybody. There is very tall authority between broad air man. His speech is not much, but the word that every speak out is very honest, very genuine, a person's mind is particularly kind-hearted; Because the one's innermost thoughts and feelings of this everybody is willing to communicate with him, he often says: person first oneself, forge iron even oneself is hard, ask others is accomplished, oneself want to accomplish above all, ask others is not done, oneself are not done above all, as the leader the cadre wants fairness, just, and also want justice, want treat equally without discrimination, only such, everybody ability be convinced you, everybody just can trust you; Only such, the job of squadron gift is nice begin.
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