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The activist that she is union job also is the example of study
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This net dispatch (reporter: Lu pushs? Comrade Bai Jinxiu is sky of civil aviaton Xinjiang committee member of union of terminal of tubal bureau communication, she was in 2007 of labour union support energetically and of comrades help energetically below, act on serve for people heart and soul, everything is safe production consider, one's job of base oneself upon, do good work dependably. Come for years, she is in the job her cautious and conscientious, conscientious, on the working station with monitoring ordinary room, the drive respecting property that uses oneself and peculiar working responsibility heart, finished each job job outstandingly. Her main achievement is as follows:

, hold to political study to lay firm thought foundation

On political thought, she seizes all opportunities hard, strengthen study, insist to watch broadcast over a radio network of news of the stage central everyday, subscribe to at one's own expenses newspaper, insist to read news everyday, care the affairs of state, special attention studies civil aviaton system beside advanced type person and oneself a few advanced, it is example with these advanced type people, learn their of one mind to serve for everybody, of consecratory society forget

My spirit. Deepen understanding from inside their words and deeds " 3 delegates " the rich connotation of serious thought and mental essence.

Carry out in study seventeen great mind and in developing activity of study new party constitution, she holds to neither of the job, study by accident. Promote oneself politics awareness and thought state ceaselessly, can accomplish a study activity to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with own job rise, perforative in the routine to oneself, ground of solid, cautious and conscientious does good work, enhance collective consciousness and the drive that develop unitive cooperation self-consciously.

2, effort does good job to ensure safe production

Be safeguarded what she attends navigation supervisory equipment actively daily or check of make one's rounds works; Attend what navigation team Party branch begins to extend training, take exercise and enhance self-confident heart; In age the navigational aid change garments according to the season of two season works in, she can be taken an active part in, solve real problem; Use off hours to assist cent to captain has been done and be in charge of each job of monitoring room; In what begin " in good health cup " in agonistic activity, the meet an urgent need that she plays safe production actively beforehand the drilling of the case, also raised the safe consciousness of herself in the activity, laid solid foundation to ensure the flight is safe.

Navigation safety work is on guard Yu Weiran, she joins the beginning of the year this post works actually circumstance, take an active part in aggrandizement imitate drilling. Make her hep through drilling beforehand case content, understanding lash-up handles a process. Increased her safe consciousness and working capacity greatly, laid solid foundation to ensure the flight is safe; In what begin " safe production month " in the activity, she can use breathing space for many times to maintain element, blind to fall together element personnel is nonofficeholding equipment of check of make one's rounds. Will raise the business technology level of oneself, more control moving state of navigational aid job and technical knowledge; In safeguard daily, check of make one's rounds and age in works of two seasonal navigational aid change garments according to the season, she can go actively in front.
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