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-- note staff member of a gleam of of center of sale of southwest of home products boat providing disaster relief
(is reporter Zhu Xue peaceful) who is most angel? Officers and soldiers of the liberation army that people often can remember us, armed police, " white garment angel " . But before the situation of a disaster, be in southwest sale center in this group, it is the staff member of a gleam of that is together constantly with us.
On May 12, 2008 14:28, sichuan short of Wenshui River plain produce 7.8 level after especially big earthquake, all staff members of the center also experienced the argue of as tremendous as nature energy, below the circumstance of not yet recover from a fright, staff member of our a gleam of must return his working station, the carriage that assures goods and all and trival matters concerned after handling an airliner to cancel. This is a calamity of the mankind, add electrify to believe establishment to be illogical again, all news source are interrupted at this point, family is well, the friend's place how, the family member recent situation in disaster area how, they must drop the job that all disturbed processing begin to go up. Be engaged in the day of hair
Since, high load capacity of staff member of a gleam of runs, a lot of colleagues had been two days of two night did not close a key point, from assistant manager of moving safeguard room Zheng military strength is mixed the hematic silk in eye of Hu Changqing of assistant manager of area sale room is sufficient certifiable their hardships, in the center similar such employee still has a lot of, to ensure material providing disaster relief, they overcame psychological place susceptive tremendous and self-condemned for the career, do not have for disaster area people complain without regret.
Face the situation of a disaster they did not shrink back, face difficulty they are very difficult family of give attention to two or morethings, abandoning small home to preserve authority is one of standards of Party member behavior that we propose all the time, below present the situation of a disaster, the incisively and vividly that advanced sex reflects the Party member. Employee of a gleam of is in show consideration for and take care to preserve national interest while, family also is giving silent support, inside the car place area in bounty of station of Chengdu airport goods, such a few family spent one evening in the car all the time another evening, watch is beside his family member. The day that ends to distribute news dispatches, partial worker has not gotten in touch in the family member of epicentral disaster area with oneself.
Angel, we are blessed for you, we pray for you, before calamity you are race against time of disaster area people, gave oneself total energy, be in center of sale of southwest of home products boat you are most angel.

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