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Sea boat president sends word (graph)
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This year is Hai Hang in developing course one particularly commemorable year. We greeted reforming and opening 30 anniversary, Hainan build a province to do a special economic zone 20 years, greeted the Chinese nation to raise one's head and look with the Olympic Games that long for year, also greeted Hai Hang to do poineering work and safe operation 15 years. Come 15 years, hai Hang grasps the historical opportunity that old special zone of reforming and opening and Hainan builds closely, from a local small airline development becomes China group of the 4th big aviation. Here, I represent group director bureau sincerely, to long-term since arduous labour

Make, all cadre stuff that makes enormous contribution for sea boat development, to long-term since the care, faculty family member that supports Hai Hang cause expresses the most cordial acknowledgment!

Come 15 years, hai Hang implements the course that fulfils a party, guiding principle, policy adamantinely, abide by " development is good sense " guiding ideology, implement scientific progress concept, do poineering work difficultly, acute meaning enterprising, work up is become give priority to body with aviation carrying trade, the fluctuation such as service of management of airport of be in harmony, hotel, travel, landed, commerce, content shedding, banking swims the large company group that the industry is an organic whole. Up to now, sea ship total assets exceeds 70 billion yuan, year business income is close 30 billion yuan, employee 30 thousand more than person, enter line of business of pitch on state-owend enterprise 6 years continuously 500 strong.

Come 15 years, hai Hang holds to high starting point, high level, make excellent service brand, accumulative total safety flies many hours 220, carry a passenger nearly 100 million person-time, aviation of boat of the countryman in be being obtained 4 times early or late is safe " golden eagle cup " , " Jin Peng cup " , normal ratio ranks the flight number 8 years continuously front row of civil aviaton course of study, obtain 9 years continuously " passenger word civil aviaton " user satisfaction is high grade award.

Come 15 years, hai Hang builds contemporary company system actively, compose is built it is with the person this company culture system, promote energetically " do bit of thing for the society, do bit of thing for other " company culture spirit, assume social responsibility actively, donate through beginning charity, the side supports the social commonweal activity such as deliverance, accumulative total to contribution of social commonweal career, contribute content to amount to 350 million yuan, promoted socialistic morality fashion further, won wide recognition of the society.

When Hai Hang is about to greet celebration, the development of party and national leader to Hai Hang accord high evaluation. Chairman Hu Jintao says: "It is very good that Hai Hang is done! " ; Vice Prime Minister Li Kejiang says: "Hai Hang develops very quickly! " ; Vice Prime Minister Hui Liangyu says: "Hai Hang develops very well, the enterprise does very to have distinguishing feature, hai Hang's development is a miracle, small province ran big company, be praiseworthy! " . Party and national leader are mixed to the attention of sea boat career approbate, be greatest to all sea boat person drive and lash.
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