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What his Shan Zhishi can attack jade Wang Zhenghua is new " take doctrine "
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Know just about " his Shan Zhishi can attack jade " , age aviation limited company (Spring Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " age aviation " ) the western experience that president Wang Zhenghua always wants pair of successes before adventure and innovation undertakes one time " take " , but " take " transform and carrying out ability later is he comes true step by step " age dream " cornerstone.

Already entered a cycle of sixty years year Wang Zhenghua sits in his not luxurious office, no matter be to be said to do " adventurer " or " break out of an encirclement person " , he is in of numerous aureola envelop fall to still maintaining Ruyanei the temperament of collect, conversation clang strong often give out bright and clear laugh again, so plain that be like decorate simple and easy age aviation headquarters. Wang Zhenghua often tells him, of the world big, of the market big, even if makes a bit success, the individual also is insignificant as before, accordingly

He is unaccustomed also hear " successful businessman " such title.

But this does not affect him to experience from business " legend colour " : 1981, grow peaceful Ou Zunyi as Shanghai the Wang Zhenghua of vice secretary of street Party committee abandoned golden rice bowl to establish the predecessor of age international travel agent, an age travel agent that has house of iron sheet of 2 square metre only, the research that depends on pair of Euramerican and mature markets and draw lessons from, and the accurate judgement to prospective market, wang Zhenghua was used full 20 years of time its make it China's biggest country swims travel agent; 2004, age nation force sits what home swims firmly for years continuously " the old " the position, because be as long as,charter flight of 7 years is experienced, wang Zhenghua had research and interest to aviation industry, american southwest airline is him " take " the elder of most experience, after be being proved through analysis of 45 years, he to come true " the beautiful southwest aviation that does China " dream, disregard the outside sound of a doubt, began to be developed to Chinese low aerial; On July 18, 2005, act the role of on tail have " 3S " the A320-214 of age aviation airbus of mark plane from Shanghai rainbow bridge the International Airport takes off.

Of low aviation blue sea develop, let Wang Zhenghua be in aviation group " fame big a confusion of voices " , object, doubt, mock blame roll in even, dong Xinghang's empty president ever evaluated Wang Zhenghua meaningfully is " China is cheap the person that aviation rolls landmine " . And age aviation begin navigation two years many, airline ticket price is more average than the market the level is low 36% , rate of average seat of honour is achieved 95% , outclass the industry standard of 70% , its in those days gain, two years accumulative total realizes gain 67 million yuan report, more in domestic be far ahead, created " the miracle of aviation industry " .
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