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Character of sea boat interview: Head Wu Manyu of aviation elder sister
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Introduction: Say when Wu Manyu, "I love Hai Hang very much really " when, you can feel, all these is to send the aspirations from her the bottom of one's heart.

Perhaps somebody still remembers on January 8, 1990 - 10 days, be in " Hainan daily " on a published message: Chinese Hainan saves airline job announcement:


One, the steward in sky (aviation young lady) 10 people, female, culture of high school above, 17-20 year old, height 160-170cm, can tell standard mandarin, body be good at appearance is beautiful, enterprise is strong, the person that know language of Hainan word, another name for Guangdong Province and English is preferential below coequal condition.

Wu Manyu's roommate is after the information that sees newspaper go up, pulled her to attend together in those days " air hostess " " the sea is chosen " , the result is without preparative Wu Manyu to show itself in nearly 1000 people, from now on with blue sky become attached to.

The report that takes about the aviation of generation of great capacity such as Wu Manyu already too numerous to mention one by one, but very few person knows, wu Manyu in those days this dream actually not " accidental " .

Elementary school

When, the school that Wu Manyu's parents works organizes a teacher to travel to the other place, that is need go out by air of travel itinerary. Dan Wuman jade expects the brigade of long already flight to be replaced by the place of a little brother in the home, watch sb go away is worn the back of the parents that go on a long journey and little brother, in Wu Manyu heart very sad, then dark be determined: This you do not let me go, sooner or later I can go further than you certainly. Later, the little desire of this little girl became reality unexpectedly.

This looks seem effeminate Hainan woman, having however those who exceed other people is courageous and resolute with adamancy. When silence of Wu Manyu quiet the ground takes Hai Hang when admission notice, she made first time choice for her life, became to cannot accompany those who be beside parents constantly " flier " . Enter groomed day drab and painstaking, wu Manyu remembers be in in those days dimly the scene when Chongqing test-fly: The motion that training uses 7 it is a kind of small-sized plane, the type of it and Boeing is different, after a paragraph of distance glides before taking off, need stops to just can begin to take off. This kind lets Wu Manyu suddenly they have some of abrupt to be prevented not as good as, plus the jolt in whole flight route, a lot of people begin airsick. But the enthusiasm that attributes a youth with, wu Manyu insisted to come down, got used to job of this kind of flight slowly.

In November 1991, the aviation that Hainan saves airline to obtain Chinese civil aviation bureau to issue carries business " business certificate " , become the 14th the home, place of countrywide formally from this the 5th airline.
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