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Secretary move character
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Days elapses quickly, from step Na Hang gate to arrive now, I work already near two years. Consider oneself professional post on occasion---Secretary, feel a bit mysterious really. Before because be in,I have a job, I am right " secretary " do not have good impression, feeling it is insipidity of a dull and very the professional post of bad news spirit. But since me should go up truly after the secretary, gradually, as much as its contact, discover those who envisage to it is not me in that way, be worth you to learn very much however, go experiencing. How had become a secretary, my viewpoint is as follows:
1, learn to do a secretary to must learn to be an upright person first. Remember be being taken over at the beginning attemper family family Wu when one duty, in my heart with respect to neither one chart. When looking at a piece of Zhang Mo's unripe man face especially, my heart puts doubt: "This section office with respect to me female, can I come with what they get along? " I believe to handle very human relation from beginning to end is the first element that begins good work, the secretary wants to do good work, have to be familiar with the working property of own section office and job above all
Content, then I chat actively with this division section chief, dispatcher, work a little, pull help the daily life of a family, such each other new move are progressively desalt. The relationship is harmonious between the colleague, go to the lavatory naturally when consulting the problem on the job to the other side much.
2, arrange the job as a whole, busy and not random. Believe most person does not like to be disturbed when the job, but secretary job often is met by " throw into confusion " . For instance you busy job, lead at this moment an idea is suddenly ranking perhaps abrupt make known to lower levels commands the unit, the requirement prepares or be to report such-and-such material, such your jobs planned to be thrown into confusion. Although the job fails to undertake according to original plan, but your train of thought however cannot random. When at the same time a few jobs want to finish, we can come to the job by importance first sort, complete the most critical work inside the shortest time as far as possible, such jobs rise to be met busy and not random.
3, raise labour to make prescient sex, change passivity to be active. Secretary workload is bigger, produce the secretary of unit of a gleam of especially, safe, service and the job of all logistics safeguard respects need to touch above, summary, report, ask for instructions kind the archives composes unavoidable. Although workload is big, but we can make list of routine of a job beforehand, will fixed time paragraph the business that need does is timely finish ahead of schedule, such jobs rise to be met handy, change passivity to be active.
4, increase working enthusiasm, not coma works. Fall in love with it to just can have done it only to a job, what say here " love " it is devoted to this job passion namely. Passion can let us produce fancy and creativity better, spectacular success is gained in short time. We are necessary to learn how to create a condition to arouse passion, this is a key, also be a difficulty. Working enthusiasm is not inherent, care about your working state of mind however, your working think of a way. The job cannot mechanization, by rule, invariable go against arouse passion. We should learn to change project of a job from formally, content, new trial will have new experience.
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