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Appropriate guest wine restaurant
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Appropriate guest wine restaurant exterior
The exterior
Appropriate guest wine hotel is old
Appropriate guest wine hotel guest room
Guest room
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Appropriate guest wine restaurant reposes at 3 rivers to surround, 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River that 10 thousand green photographs have beauty the first city- - street of prefectural commissioner's office of appropriate guest downtown 50, it is restaurant of a high administrative levels, modernization, muti_function travel business affairs. Management area covers an area of a face to accumulate 32 mus, floor area 26170 square metre, it is establishment of market guest room, meal, recreation, recreational, fitness at an organic whole.
Appropriate guest wine restaurant sets average standard, between luxurious standard, between odd world, business affairs, the of all kinds room such as flatlet, luxurious flatlet, business affairs flatlet, president flatlet; Can satisfy the requirement of guest of disparate arrangement of ideas, especially the administrative floor of 8 buildings, open oneself up to now, guest of the business affairs outside already recieving home is counted already 10 thousand plan, advanced, perfect equipment, efficient, considerate excellent service, get guest reputably, can calls public house of whole appropriate guest the window of course of study.
Appropriate guest wine the cafeteria of type of Chinese and Western of restaurant has distinguishing feature each, have dining room 3, manage plain dish, another name for Guangdong Province dish spy meat and fish dishes; The auditoria that dimensions differs 8, can satisfy different class guest to hold the demand of the conference. Establishment of peace and happiness has nightclub, bath, ping-pong, gym, lie fallow for the guest recreation. Additional, the hotel still offers the business affairs center of all ready, self-help to wash clothes for guest, the service project such as market of high-quality goods inn, travel.
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