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Appropriate guest big public house
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Exterior of appropriate guest big public house
The exterior
Appropriate guest big public house is big
Guest room of appropriate guest big public house
Guest room
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Appropriate guest big public house is at official 1998 start business, entered by group of 10 thousand age 2003 weigh endowment outfit to revise go to, january restored public house of business high-grade business affairs formally 2004. Appropriate guest big public house is located in “ 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River a sector of an area of gold of center of ” of the first city, all around shop is bristly, commerce flourishs, shop for the passenger, recreational offerred very big advantage. The hotel is apart from a station 1 kilometer, traffic is convenient, situation is very advantageous.
Hall of first floor of appropriate guest big public house is gorgeous, style is decorous, 2 buildings set all sorts of assembly room to be able to recieve small-sized and big, medium, different conference, 3 buildings are dining-room of garden singing and dancing, hall adornment style is decorous, can contain 50 more than table, carry on of all kinds conference, banquet, banquet, wait with buffet and literary evening party. Have a color additionally between 12 of each different luxurious bags, muti_function hall, can hold 800 people in all at the same time repast.
Hire national level especially chef of plain another name for Guangdong Province advocate hutch, give priority to in order to run course of plain dish, another name for Guangdong Province, hold different gust concurrently fastfood, authentic plain dish, ma Jiaoxian is sweet, the entrance is unforgettable; Seafood, abalone, bird's nest, fim, the four seasons gives birth to vegetables high-quality goods to appear.
The guest room such as double room of room of room of the business affairs flatlet that ad hoc of appropriate guest big public house has comfortable elegance, luxurious double flatlet, luxurious business affairs, luxurious single room, luxurious standard, standard; Can get online easily, the room still has system of independent pilot air conditioning and 24 hours of cold hot water to supply. The hotel sets administrative floor to be able to be dealt with independently with the formalities that return a house, provide more convenient, quick service for business affairs guest.
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