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Chengdu Tibet restaurant
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Exterior of Chengdu Tibet restaurant
The exterior
Chengdu Tibet hotel is old
Guest room of Chengdu Tibet hotel
Guest room
Chengdu Tibet restaurant is located in Chengdu north inside one annulus road, be apart from downtown 5 minutes car Cheng, be apart from Chengdu double shed the airport about 30 minutes car Cheng, communication is easy. Guest room is perfect the ground is shirt-sleeve characteristic Tibetan type and modern art, between the standard capacious and comfortable, daylighting is wonderful, design of business affairs cell shows originality. All rooms all install restaurant broadband online interface, supply much part area is wireless get online.
Chengdu Tibet restaurant shares of all kinds dining room 4, basically provide dish of plain dish, another name for Guangdong Province, dish Tibetan type and authentic French Western-style food. Center of nightclub, sauna, fitness, hairdressing beautifies hair reach the everything needed is ready of establishment of form a complete set such as bowling house. Restaurant returns stock auditoria of of all kinds size, establishment all ready, function is advanced, it is the good place with international conference, recreational business affairs.
  • 1988 practice Decorated 2002
  • Address: People north road one paragraph 10
  • Postcode: 610081
  • Phone: 028-83183388
  • Fax: 028-83185678
  • Room amount () : 276

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