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Chengdu riverside hotel
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Exterior of Chengdu riverside hotel
The exterior
Chengdu riverside public house is big
Guest room of Chengdu riverside hotel
Guest room
More picture
Chengdu riverside hotel is by the famous ethical industry and commerce that has hundred years history old name treasure yuan the hotel of a concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that opens group investment, hotel start business already was obtained 2 years early or late only " China western hotel of optimal business affairs " , " 2007 year sincere letter 100 brands unit " , 2006 with 2007 year " job of management of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of the Chengdu City is advanced unit " , " hotel of Chinese green environmental protection " wait for honorary title, won in domestic and international client extensive reputably.
Chengdu riverside hotel is located in south the government office that wins U.N. person to reside award river and Chengdu are the biggest path — Sichuan the highway is handed in collect place, city of general view Chengdu is beautiful scenery, on foot to Chengdu business street of the busiest Chun Xi road needs many minutes 10 only. The hotel has a variety of type guest room, the establishment such as TV of foreign language of interface of broadband of stock high speed, satellite, the building of 9 dragon tea that owns the Chengdu City to have force most and centers of 9 health care of Long Xiu idle, emperor oranges red the Fu Manxuan big wine shop that Ya sauna washs match well of center of peace and happiness of card of chess of bath center, wisdom door, Chinese and Western and food taken late at night of new group riverside, built the stereo service system with trendy and fashionable diversity of one a complete set of. Enter a public house luxurious reach above house model the guest enjoys emperor freely to orange red Ya sauna washs bath center to enjoy riverside clean mulberry, freely food taken late at night and with 3 to the 5 special actor that fold valence enjoys other all sorts of services, be domestic and international business affairs, travel and conference guest is optimal staying place.   
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