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Pay close attention to " tourist class syndrome "
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An England female recently because of " tourist class syndrome " was in unfortunately to death on the road with christmas of family spend joyfully.

The spokesman of Singapore airline says 24 days, a of 28 years old pulls Ni ยท power gram to take the plane of this airline to answer Christmas of London and family spend joyfully from Singapore in 19 days. Rise when her go when closet, was in suddenly on the ground. The personnel on machine undertook cure to her instantly, but already answered a day not to have art. At this moment, she already aboard stayed near 14 hours.

Power gram is death of the first aboard " tourist class syndrome " patient. The patient previously is to be in leave what die after machine.

"Tourist class syndrome " be " deep-seated vein thrombus " common says. When a person long by air and when lack moves, can form thrombus in leg ministry. Thrombus can move subsequently the other part of the body, be like a heart around, can produce risk at this moment.

Concerned personage reminds long by air the passenger should stand up in journey, in the activity in engine room, circulate in order to promote blood. In addition, they drink water more even, what come on in order to decrease is dangerous.

A document that the month on British Ministry of Public Health releases says, the incidence of a disease with this annual disease is 1/2000, the person hair ill risk that and pregnant woman is mixed took prophylactic is higher.

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