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Travel and hairdressing
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As the arrival of travel busy season, people goes out in succession travel is full the good view that appreciates nature. But in journey, because food is random law, body is tired, blow insolation plus wind, the person's skin especially face is sufferred easily invade attaint, influence hairdressing andHealthy, because this is in journey,need hairdressing particularly.

Dress up opportunely in journey.

After getting up in the morning, use the grease contamination with warm water facial scour off first, reoccupy cold water washs a face, can make the skin adds flexibility, wash junior travelMake up, if put on the skin nods face cream, besmear nods lipstick, sprinkle bit of toilet water, want nevertheless with weak makeup for beautiful, should not be thick makeup.

Choose vegetable to add hairdressing opportunely

In the evening but use local materials, choose the fresh vegetable such as cucumber, tomato, carrot, cut an account, stick in the face ministry, cervical, moment hind gets off, massage slightly, make the skin draws good nutrient material.

Water more in travel road. Water can complement facial skin as a result of the nutrition that lack water and loses, water more in journey accordingly, it is the safeguard with indispensable hairdressing.

Take fruit beneficial skin more. Have in the fruit a variety of vitamins and mineral etc, can carry the biochemical action of airframe, for cutaneous strong and handsome provide rich nourishment.

Do not forget spring bath face. The haunt in travel road has the place of spring, do not forget multi-purpose spring bath face. Because spring water pollution is little, embedded a variety of mineral, very beneficial to the skin, can strengthen skin tenacity and elastic force, prevent to produce furrow and chap.

When resting, massage facial.

When resting in journey, ke Jingxin shuts eye repose, massage gently at the same time facial. Be helpful for the skin regaining flexibility, maintain hairdressing.

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