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How to prevent tourist class syndrome
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The message that dies as concerned passenger sees ceaselessly all at signing up for end, two relevant litigation cases are about to begin cognizance, had changed this kind of condition, urge attention passengerHealthythe times came.

"Tourist class syndrome " because take on passengers,be those who pass to sit for long in plane tourist class is narrow on little place, the body is in suffer manacle condition, the blood that creates leg department as a result forms clot. After the passenger deplanes, hematic clot can begin flow as blood, arrive 10 minutes in 5 minutes inside, clot can shed heart and lung, cause breathing difficulty.

How to prevent tourist class syndrome

One, at least every two hours are about to go in engine room, also can do on the seat a few simpleTake exercise. If extend,extend arm activity leg, station, inflectional crus, ham and coxal muscle.

2, drink water and fruit juice more as far as possible, want to avoid alcohol, because wine makes easily person dehydrate, and do not take sleeping pill.

3, take an aspirin to will conduce to prevent hematic clot, but this method is uncontrollable to sufferring fromHypertensiveIll passenger is not applicable.

4, wear comfortable dress, avoid to wear close sock and socks pants, because this meeting affects blood,circulate.

5, the bodyFatAnd senile passenger forms hematic clot more easily than lath lath and youth.

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