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The scientist invents a kind of new method to be able to be diagnosed quickly "
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British researcher announces, they invented thrombosis of a kind of fast and accurate check fathom vein (the new method of DVT) , deep vein thrombosis often happens in far road trip, often can cause mortality consequence. With traditional method it is to rely on to monitor blood stream change to discover thrombus is different, this kind of new examination method is to use technology of nuclear magnetic resonance to show thrombus directly, this kind of technology is called again MRDTI. The scientist that comes from Nottingham university invented this kind of method, they say this kind of method applies to pregnant woman and traveler especially. DVT is by the interpreter normally " tourist class is asked for integratedly " , because be in narrow engine room long immobile traveler contracts this disease easily, but concerned expert thinks long in a kind of any vehicle inactive metropolis appears this kind of circumstance. Once DVT falls off, shift arrives in lung or the meeting in cerebrum causes mortality consequence.

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