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Carsick it is how to return a responsibility
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Some people take life average feel giddy before long after the car, epigastrium is uncomfortable, disgusting, give cold sweat, vomit even; Become especially car slam the brakes on, take a sudden turn or when starting suddenly fiercer, get off rest to moment can be reduced gradually or restore. This kind of carsick symptom returns some people can last a few days. How is this to return a responsibility?

Direction of judgement of person physical ability and maintain oneself to balance, basically mix by skin shallow receptor, eye, neck the deep receptor of the body reachs inner ear to wait to be in charge of jointly, weigh most with inner ear among them should. The semicircular canal of inner ear and elliptical bursa and ball bursa basically have balance function. Semicircular canal has 3, mutual and perpendicular, make 3 ranges of the space. They accept the balance stimulation of the outside, pass vestibular nerve, pass the balance centre of pallium, will adjust, management balances reaction.

Why is the meeting carsick?

1, individual difference. When afferent balance stimulation is beyond the mark and intense, be like slam the brakes on, acuteness when rotating, although be below the condition with balance system normal safety, also can let a person feel giddy, this is normal physiology phenomenon, moment can disappear. But some people are able to bear or endure this kind difference getting power, to slight balance stimulation produces strong reaction namely.

2, MorpheusWhen poor, excessive overworked incidental.

3, cross be hungry to cross full Shi Yiyi to happen.

4, when contracting disease of certain ear ministry, can happen.

5, railroad car is airtight make air not current, or the odour of some a few material is exciting, wait like benzine.

How is prevention and cure carsick?

1, constant carsick person can take before taking a car by dizzy peace, grow up every time 25 milligram, children discretionary reduction, in case carsick reaction.

2, the advancement that take a car is fed full nevertheless or cross be hungry.

3, before taking a car, should not be overfatigue, overnight sleeping is close friends.

4, the forehead that can take the bus, in order to reduce jolt, open car window to make aerate good, admire the head later rely on to be in fixed locally, close eye, look matter with the eye with reducing the head to shake fleet and cause giddy accentuation.

5, can take when vomiting fourth Lin or stomach answer how to wait. Composed drug can be taken when spirit is nervous, be like stable etc.

6, should strengthen at ordinary timesTake exercise, enhance a constitution, fighting especially should make great efforts on dizziness, if be done more,turn head, place rotates, roll wait for motion, make through these motion carsick get alleviating.

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