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The body and mind in how maintaining travel is healthy
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Should say, motion sickness and natural environment happen to refuse to obey in travel the factitious number that waits for a circumstance is few, majority person is invigoration. But these people whether won't reappear such or in that wayHealthyWhere is problem? The circumstance may is not. For example, when a high-fed in the home be used to person, when the journey that sets foot on long-distance journey suddenly, what because live,often can go up is unaccustomed perhaps live regular change. Make central nervous system is in temporarily lopsided condition, often behave wake excessive excitement, insomnia, early to rise first, can turn again before long for easy exhaustion, attention is centered not easily. Digest functional respect especially, as a result of the curiosity to travel, mood insecurity perhaps lives the change of daily life, the exudation of digestive juice is restrained, make appetite and digestible energy force drop (average person, constant the jolt because of vehicle, and make digest add fast, appetite hyperfunction) . If be accompanied again,have carsick, Seasick, criterion anorexia will be more apparent. As a result of appetite and the change with phyletic food, can affect defecate habit then again. A lot of people time everyday in the home defecate, in travel however oftenConstipation. Constipation can affect appetite again conversely, form a kind of vicious circle. Be like again, some people strike a proper balance between work and rest in travel insufficient, physical strength is used up excessive, can cause dazed weakness, appetite not beautiful and limb are lack of power, appear even sufficient on bubbly, disease resembles a series of fatigue exceeding such as articulatory gall.

Pass easily first and last to make travel lives happy, health of body and mind, must notice the following at the beginning from travel:

1. wants the difference between contractible travel life and daily life hard. After setting out, should maintain as far as possible namely with the same life pattern in the home. If time,rise, go to bed, time repast, time defecate, make human body does not come in a series of condition reflex on dietary daily life destroy.

2. travel plans to want fair and reasonable, do according to one's abilities. Should notice to strike a proper balance between work and rest particularly, avoid excessive overworked, beyond the mark and nervous. If be collective travel, the person that must take care of good troops make up of the old and weak.

3. food daily life wants to be able to achieve goal of rest and reorganization. In the likelihood the condition falls, strive for eat a bit weller, note a bit weller, eliminate exhaustion with benefit, refection. If food wants fresh diversity, can cause appetite; The dwelling place wants neat and quiet, make the person enters Mian easily.
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