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Drink a few Jiang Zhike to treat seasick and seasick person should be far from
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According to Germany "DoctorNewspaper " report, englandMedicineExpert proposal, SeasickJuice of on a few ginger is drunk when, it can make you are avoided suffer the pain that dizziness and vomits.

" the doctor signs up for " the achievement of a research of cite England says, ginger juice to as a result of,alleviating seasick bring dizziness and disgusting wait for unwell symptom effect apparent. Meanwhile, a few delicate food or beverage, wait like toast, weak tea seasick to alleviating also big helpful, and alcoholic beverage, coffee and one part soft drinks, it is seasick person must be far from.

In addition, the expert still suggests seasick person should as far as possible lie low maintains the head to be not moved. Conditional word, on the board that can stand in airiness far look at horizon, the body that is violated in order to make balances an organ to return to normal.

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