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What is special offer airline ticket
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What is special offer airline ticket

Answer: Special offer airline ticket can give below 3 circumstances, hit namely lose airline ticket. One: It is the agent uses guest name to be controlled to airline room, want the bill of an application, call special offer the ticket. 2: It is the group that the agent applies for to airline control room, sell a guest next, this kind of ticket also calls special offer the ticket. Some guests ask; This kind of ticket is group ticket, does that want to go together to the group? Answer: General need not, this is ticket of the 2nd kind of special offer, the 3rd: The itself on computer has the sort of low the storehouse that fold, but not be long-term, this kind is now and then, be told commonly normally, lowest is 4 fold, under 4 those who fold is special offer ticket or group ticket. Group ticket is in commonly the journey is online (airline ticket true and false inquires) it is to check what do not come out, want to be able to be checked in procuratorial terminal system.

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