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The sort of airline ticket?
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The sort of airline ticket?

Outside the slue of airline ticket sort of boat, and the course of each area, &127; produces different airline ticket sort according to market condition; Each have capacity of the different utility, fare, limitation, demand with getting used to a passenger, consumption.

(One) common a year period airline ticket (NORMAL FARE)
Basically wait for a ticket separately, business affairs ticket (BUSINESS CLASS) reach economic ballot 3 kinds. Deadline is a year.
The flight number must be not assigned when this kind of airline ticket is bought, the person that oppose a bill if already the visa of hold passport, proof going abroad and destination, before needing to set out only, order, via affirming seat number hind, can board the plane on time set out. What purchase by par value is common a year period airline ticket, can change is other the airliner of airline, generally speaking, common a year period airline ticket the price of a ticket is faster, but go to the lavatory neatly, without too much limitation, on time master more easily, if predict the likelihood in road changes the word of course, time at any time, in order to buy common one year period airline ticket is better, although the price of a ticket is faster, but content is worth somewhat; The time that saves reachs his to may be compared neatly buy special offer ticket more be to one's profit, and when return a ticket relatively advantageous.

(2) travel airline ticket (EXCURSION FARE)
Its fare is compared commonly common a year period airline ticket relatively cheap, but limitation is more; Make work only for example return and cannot buy one-way, cannot change destination to wait, midway of its fare cent stops station and ceaseless station two kinds, midway is concessional the fare that stops a station is more expensive, the person that oppose a bill must keep period of time in destination; Return inside period of efficacy of formulary airline ticket even; For example the travel airline ticket of Hong Kong London is inside 90 days effective, hold ticket person to must return inside this deadline namely, otherwise airline ticket invalidation; Travel again the limitation of airline ticket is inspected each course and have different restriction, some travel ticket also has keep destination the least the limitation of a certain number of day; For example deadline is 7 come 30 days, state the person that oppose a bill must stay 7 days the least in destination namely, and must return inside the period of efficacy inside 30 days; 21 day or inside 60 days effective person, with this analogize. When buying this kind of airline ticket, should understand period of efficacy in detail, lest because airline ticket expires invalidation, the return trip should buy a ticket separately, bring about loss.
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