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What is value bank note and special offer ticket?
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what value bank note shows the passenger is bought is airline regular fare, allow to undertake signing turn and be changinged, a year effective. Ticket of special offer of prep above of this kind of price.

What special offer ticket shows the passenger is bought is airline special and favourable fare, do not allow an autograph to turn, a lot of limit a condition, period of efficacy each different, but cheaper.

It is to the return dicket of Parisian tourist class with Beijing exemple (fare is hypothesis) . the fare of value bank note is a RMB about 15000. The fare of special offer ticket is a RMB likely 7000 yuan. Both between far apart, main distinction depends on A. the period of efficacy of value bank note turns to allow a lot effectively one year and of Open. The lot turns is to point to can change the airliner of other airline. If a passenger buys Paris one year of the China International airline that Beijing goes back and forth between, is effective value bank note, date of his ticket return trip can be OPEN. If he is willing, he still can be signed turn to European other airline (law Hang Hansha) answer Beijing. Unusual freedom goes to the lavatory neatly. OK still return a ticket, happen without other charge. If buy, is special offer ticket, can a lot of limit a condition, if period of efficacy is shorter, differ to 6 months from 45 days, do not allow an autograph to turn to other airline, do not allow to change return trip date, or change the date should pay fee. Do not allow return a ticket or be return a ticket should bear very big pecuniary loss. B. Both the another difference between is accumulate in course of development on: (accumulate through course of development can exchange free airline ticket) the course of development of value bank note is accumulated is press actual flight course of development 100% will accumulate. Special offer ticket cannot be accumulated or be accumulated by 30%-50% . the passenger of value bank note is business affairs passenger normally, the passenger of special offer ticket is normally at one's own expenses passenger.

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