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The main factor of price of international airline ticket
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Go out, go abroad especially business, travel, buying airline ticket is the most crucial one annulus. The price differ in thousands ways of international airline ticket, main factor has:

1. is go-off busy season off-season still? Generally speaking, annual in March - mixed in June in October - busy season is by December, other it is off-season. Need not say, the fare of busy season of course a little a bit more expensive.

Is 2. arrive directly or a favourable turn?
Go to the United States for instance Detroit, OK and nonstop, also can pass Canadian a favourable turn, fare is different. Nonstop is general a little a few more expensive. Save time!  

Is 3. brunt company or other company?
General a course has or two brunt airline, other airline also provides a service, but likelihood the airliner is less, time grows a little a few, but fare is cheap. By boreal Europe for instance the plane of airline goes to Paris, those who compare French airline is likely and cheap.

4. the accident of retention period? Open or not?
Airline ticket going there and back needs to agree commonly probably return trip time, time grows fare more more expensive. The airline ticket that keeps 3 months for instance and the airline ticket that keep half an year may differ 500 yuan. Other perhaps on the weekend day? Expensive of course on the weekend!

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